Rebecca Stein

Mind-Body Therapist

Rebecca was always fascinated with the body and majored in Biology in her first year of college. At the same time, she was intrigued by the mind and decided to major in Psychology. She studied the job-demands resources model and what makes a great leader from a good leader, based on Jim Collins' book Good to Great. Rebecca credits her research in industrial organizational psychology to learning that humility is the number one quality in distinguishing a great leader from a good leader. Rebecca brings this level of humility and empathy to the table. Rebecca went on to receive her Bachelors in Science with a major in Psychology and a minor in Child & Family Development from The University of Georgia, while graduating from the Phi Betta Kappa honors society. After graduating in 3 years from college, Rebecca soon learned that she herself was burned out and facing the effects of the cumulative stress she had put on her body. Previously working in the corporate world, Rebecca quickly saw the job demands model come to life where higher demands were placed on employees than they had resources for. Rebecca recalls seeing her co-workers develop peptic ulcers due to the high, unrealistic demands. In battling her own stress and associated chronic pain, she soon became interested in ways to reduce stress. She went on to receive her masters in Clinical Social Work with a focus on Adult Mental Health and Wellness from The University of Southern California. 

In her own work as a therapist with an interest in adult ADHD, Rebecca learned only after working at an ADHD clinic and having the adequate knowledge and resources to get proper assessments, that she herself had ADHD that went misdiagnosed as anxiety for over 30 years. Her penchant for learning, good grades, and female "people-pleasing" patterns (far too often seen in women undiagnosed with ADHD) had masked her ADHD, increasing her anxiety and chronic pain, and at times, when unmanaged, led to these states of burnout and depression. Rebecca knows both personally and professionally THE RIGHT type of treatment needed for ADHD, which often requires a balance of both depth-oriented, mindful somatic attachment therapies (sometimes which can seem abstract at first) and practical, simplified, strength-based "coaching" to enhance what is referred to as ADHD executive functions in the brain. Rebecca currently resides in Berkeley, California and is receiving her doctorate degree in Jungian Depth Psychology

She has an extensive background in helping those who experience chronic pain, both from psychosomatic pain and from chronic illnesses. Rebecca was a psychotherapist at The Pain Psychology Center where she received unique training, including but not limited to Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) by Alan Gordon, LCSW, in healing psychosomatic pain. She also provided psychotherapy and group counseling at The Relational Center for those experiencing relational losses, stress, and coping with chronic illnesses. Rebecca has experience as a psychotherapist at UCLA Medicine & Pediatrics helping those with postpartum depression and anxiety related disorders where she received training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Rebecca also previously worked under the supervision of Thomas J. Pier, LCSW, an expert in grief and loss and coping with chronic pain, who specializes in utilizing narrative therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). Through this practice, Rebecca received additional consultation on the role of neurobiology in sexual and childhood trauma using a trauma-informed sensorimotor lens from trauma expert Kristin Zaleski, PhD, LCSW.



Rebecca has provided couples therapy and individual therapy to many clients. Rebecca received extensive training on anxiety, chronic pain, depression, burnout, ADHD, grief, and stress management utilizing various cognitive behavioral, somatic, and psychodynamic approaches. Rebecca worked for years at Edward "Ned" Hallowell's ADHD clinic and was trained to provide both ADHD coaching and therapy. She is a Certified ADHD Clinical Services Provider (ADHD-CCSP). 

Rebecca volunteered with nonprofit, chyp, Creative Healing for Youth in Pain, which was founded by Dr. Lonnie Zelzer, a pediatric chronic pain expert at UCLA Medicine. At chyp, Rebecca facilitated weekly groups and workshops for teenagers suffering from chronic pain, as well a support groups for their respective caregivers, under the supervision of Diana Taylor, PhD, an attachment psychologist.

Rebecca received consultation from Tami Chelew, LMFT, in IS-TDP, Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy in reviewing previously recorded sessions. In addition, Rebecca has received trainings in ISTDP from Allan Abbass, MD, Steve Shapiro, PhD, Robert Neborsky, MD, and numerous other prominent clinicians. Rebecca also worked at an outpatient program, BOLD Health, under the supervision of Kristy Lamb, MD, with weekly supervision from internationally renowned ISTDP therapist,  Jon Frederickson, MSW. In addition, Rebecca started a peer-led consultation group for clinicians using ISTDP with the Asian American population. 

Rebecca has also received trainings in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Exposure Response Prevention (ERP), Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Somatic Therapy, Trauma Informed Care, Attachment-Based Therapy, Polyvagal Informed Psychotherapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Seeking Safety, Motivational Interviewing (MI), and Problem Solving Therapy (PST).